Training Camp is almost here!!

     Well fans it’s almost that time of year again…..Hockey season! Like Dave
Pratt always says “there is two seasons in this town and that’s Hockey season
and waiting for Hockey season”, and boy oh boy isn’t that the truth. It has been
164 days since the last time BCHL Hockey was played at the Langley Events Centre
and it’s almost time to drop the puck. Although things will be different here in
Langley with a new ownership group, coaching staff, and all sorts of new players
from across North America- it will definitely be an exciting time this
     Although it feels like an expansion team, the Henderson Family (Ownership
group) knows what it takes to run a successful franchise as they have been
around hockey for quite some time. They started off on the right foot with the
hiring of the coaching staff which includes Steve O’Rourke (Head Coach) Bobby
Henderson (Assistant Coach) and Jordan Emmerson (Assistant Coach).
For those who don’t know Steve, he comes from the Abbottsford Heat where he was
an assistant coach for two seasons. His primary responsibility was player development
and that is something crucial in the BCHL, as franchises thrive on getting their
players careers to the College level and beyond. Both Bobby Henderson and Jordan
Emmerson are young knowledgeable coaches who both spent time in the BCHL and
eventually got scholarships out of it as well. Having them around will be key
for the Hockey club as they have been in the players shoes at one point and know
what there going through and can relate.
     As for expectations, I’m not too sure what we will see this upcoming
season. There is going to be a lot of new faces and I can assure you that they
are not only going to be good players, but good people in general. That is a
main key when the coaching/scouting staff are looking at someone as they will be
out interacting with the fans in the Community a whole lot this year. The
Rivermen like all teams in the league are going to have there work cut out for
them with the new playoff format this season as only 4 teams in the conference
get into the big dance at the end of the year. You can count on the Rivermen
doing there best to avoid being bridesmaids.
May the puck be with you,
Brandon Astle
Play by Play

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