Day 1 of main camp

Day of 1 camp is in the books. Players started off the opening day of camp by getting an ECG (Electrocardiography) scan done by Sports Cardiology Clinic of BC.  An Electrocardiogram (ECG) essentially looks at the electrical conduction pathway of the heart and collects the electoral activity from stickers placed on the chest. The data gained doesn’t only help Rivermen players understand any pre-existing risk factors, but also assists researchers in understanding how high performance athlete’s hearts function past normal endurance limits.

“We are very thankful of the team from the Sports Cardiology Clinic of BC in screening our players. We felt this was a great opportunity not only for the team but for the researchers to understand the endurance levels and strain that comes with playing a high performance sports. Their research done today could potentially save lives in this sport and we thank them for looking at our players” Said Taylor Henderson, Director of Operations-Langley Rivermen

Teams 1(white) and 2 (blue) both practiced separately to start the camp off with Associate Head Coach Jon Calvano and Assistant Coach Kurt Astle leading the way on the ice, while Rivermen’s Head Coach Bobby Henderson and team President Roy Henderson played eagle eye watching from above.  Team 1 (white) was led by veteran players, James Barr, Viktor Dombrovsky, James Robinson, Matt Ustaksi, Evan Anderson and Marco Romano. Team 2 (blue) was led by Rivermen Captain Mitch McLain, Mark Whiteley, Tanner Johnson, Jakob Reichert, Nathan Craft, Austin Bietenbeck, and Austin Azurdia rounded out veteran players in the camp.   Team blue got a special surprise in their practice when NHLer Greg Zanon jumped out and skated with the team.

To conclude day 1 of camp, teams 1(white) and 2 (blue) faced each other in an exciting game. Starting goalies were led by James Barr for the white team and off season addition Brock Crossthwaite for team blue. Within in 2 minutes and 30 seconds into the first period, Jakob Reichert put one away to open the scoring of the first for team blue. Nathan Craft fired home his first of the game making it 2-0 with 5:16 left on the clock of the first period. Goalies for the second period were Marc Theriault from Quebec for team blue and Matt Rudd for team white.  Blue got the second period scoring off with a penalty shot from Marcus Vela and later Brandon Kearney made it 4-0 for team blue. Not to be out done, Darien Craighead made it 1-4 white at the halfway mark, followed by “The Mayor” Austin Azurdia making it 5-1 blue via a penalty shot to finish off the second period scoring. The third period saw James Robinson younger brother Ty start for team white and Joe O’Brien start for team blue in net. James Robinson quickly added to the white team score by making it 2-5 for the white team.  The NHL draft pick Evan Campbell not only dropped his gloves but quickly after the toss-up managed to make it 3-5 for team white. Evan Anderson made it 4-5 for team white, just making them short of a great come back.


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